Don’t Be a Victim of Floating Performance Standards

Most of the employers, ahead of the appraisal season remain apprehensive of the annual performance evaluation process. In fact, many employees don’t love to go for the evaluation process as most of the programs get greatly influenced by other. No matter, how hard an employer may try to keep the process transparent; it’s not that easy as one thinks it to be. Even if the employers remain fair, they might be accused of being biased or partial to certain employees.

As a matter of fact, labour lawyer Toronto, often gets to hear cases about employees receiving unfair treatment from their employers. The main point that gets highlighted in the cases against employers by employees is that the performance of certain employees is not accurately assessed. In short, even if an employee works their performance is given a bad review by the peers or seniors who hate the employee. On receiving a biased judgment, employees often file a case against their employer.


Legal Issues Associated with Performance Standards

Employers need to keep in mind that if they conduct an effective evaluation of an employee’s performance, legal hassles can be easily avoided. Even if a person is having some performance issues, then they should be notified about it as early as possible. It would help an employee to improve their performance and not complain of unfair evaluation.


Are You A Victim of Floating Performance Standard? 

If you feel that, you are a victim of floating performance standards, you should get in touch with a labour lawyer Toronto immediately. The attorney will verify your situation depending on the facts and file a case against the employer.

Labour attorneys states that many organizations are very slow in getting the key executive positions filled. As a result of this it creates a vacuum and employees find it hard to meet the goals and policies. This kind of structure often leads to a problem for lower grade employees to know about their performance goals. This, in turn, during the time of performance review, the result of the performance varies from one person to another.

Labour lawyer Toronto points out that the senior management uses this opportunity to discriminate employees. Here, attorney’s point out that the management should try to clearly communicate to lower level employees about what their performance goal should be. In case, there is no proper communication, the performance results become disastrous

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Steps to Be Taken

Employees, who feel that the management is accusing them for poor performance, should try to take prompt steps against it. Simply waiting for the situation to get settled by the management is not a solution. Addressing the issue at the right moment is important.

Labour lawyer Toronto points out that waiting for the management to handle the situation can prove to be very costly. The management might turn deaf and avoid the issue. Only through legal action, the management can become serious with the issue.

For employment attorneys, employees should not be distinguished. Rather, same standards and procedures should be used for every employee. Labour lawyer Toronto would ensure that every employee is fairly judged for their performance.


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