Is Your Organization Compliant with AODA? It Should Be. Here’s Why By An Employment Lawyer

Employers who are running a business, with more than 20 employees in the Ontario province, have to submit a report to the government of Ontario stating they comply with the AODA. A prominent labour lawyer toronto states that employers are obliged to follow the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). Basically, AODA has been designed so that it can identify, remove, and prevent barriers for people having some kind of disabilities.

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AODA Applicable To Every Kind of Employers

Employment attorneys try to point out that AODA which became a law during the year 2005, is appurtenant to every kind of businesses, be it government, private sector, and non-profit organizations in Ontario. Even if the organization is having part-time or seasonal or contract employees, the law is equally applicable.

Lawyers Can Clearly Explain the Regulations

For many employers, it becomes extremely difficult to understand the endless list of agreement deadlines which comes with AODA. If employers don’t follow them, it can affect them greatly. This is the reason why many employers take the help of employment attorneys in order to get a clear idea about the regulations which falls under AODA.employment lawyer

  • Employment Standard

Any employment lawyer Toronto points out that employers have observe at least 9 new duty or obligations. For instance, the employer can inform the job applicants that if required, accommodation for the disabled person can be provided. Similarly, employers who might be having more than 50 employees havefollow additional duties; along with the duty to provide a written plan for accommodating an disabled employee who might be asking for accommodation arrangements.

  • Customer Service

Employment attorneys consider customer service as an important regulation under AODA. Basically, it requires every employer to provide customer service training to their employees. In short, this required the employers of private sector or non-profit organization or any sector to come up with a plan for attainable customer service. However, employees with more than 50 employees have construct a written customer service accessibility policy.

  • Multi Year Accessibility Plan

Employment lawyer Toronto points out those employers with 50 and more employees should create, maintain, and carry out a multi-year accessibility plan. The motive of having this plan is to provide a synopsis of the strategy that the respective organization would be taking for the employees with disabilities. The employers should also remove the obstacles and meet the requirements as laid down in the Integrated Accessibility Standards regulation.


Benefits of AODA Implementation

Employers who are already having a complete emergency response plan ready with them are already compliant with the AODA regulations. Employment attorneys states that organizations can be greatly benefited by implementing AODA. For instance, it can easily help an organization to get rid of the shame that it is not accepting workers with disabilities with open mind. Hence, creates a welcoming work environment. Moreover, employment lawyer Toronto feels that with customer service the facility can become more usable for customers.

If any employer is unaware of their duty and responsibility under AODA, then they can take the help of an employment lawyer Toronto. Employment attorneys can easily help thenm understand their duties and ensure the employers notify the Ontario government that they have abridged under the obligations.


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