Jeffery Epstein hires private investigators allegedly and engages himself in an intimidation campaign against accusers

As soon as a 14-year-old girl reported to authorities about Jeffery Epstein’s misconduct with her, she started receiving warnings from a well-connected financer. The girl was told that if she doesn’t cooperate with the law bodies and supports Epstein, she would be compensated otherwise the consequences will be dreadful. Many similar threats were received by witnesses and accusers. 

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Epstein was charged for sex trafficking of young girls in the Southern District of New York. He pleaded that he was not guilty. Investigation on the case began nearly about a decade ago. 

Prosecutors faced filing charged of intimidation of a witnesses

The police reports, court filings, and attorneys state that these aggressive strategies didn’t stop with accusers or witnesses. Epstein was charged with obstruction of the witness or justice intimidation in 2008, however, there wasn’t any factual evidence in support of the allegations.

Epstein loaded his team of lawyers with the biggest names in the defense sphere. And, the accusers were not ready to testify as they had great pressure. In the end, a controversial federal no prosecution agreement was negotiated for Epstein and he was charged with solicitation of prostitution.

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Private investigators

Investigation in Florida begun in 2005 when the parents of an accuser reported Epstein to the police. The police believed that private investigators Toronto was coordinating with Epstein. The Toronto private investigators also contacted the accusers after they have spoken with the police investigators. The father of an accuser reported that private investigators were taking pictures of the family and were even chasing their visitors.

The police concluded that the private investigators Toronto was working with Epstein’s attorney. A week later, the police were reported that the accusers were again receiving warnings from people who were related to Epstein. It was also found that Epstein’s team was trying to get the medical records of the accusers.

An incident of the accuser’s parent being followed by private investigators toronto was reported when the state declared an indictment of Epstein on soliciting prostitution.

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Epstein was found innocent

IN 2006, the US attorney’s office and FBI were working on Epstein’s case and recognized 36 potential accusers. In 2007, the legal team of Epstein negotiated and signed a non-prosecution deal. His lawyers alleged the prosecutors were trying to overreach by making efforts to transform a state crime into a federal case. Improper behavior of the prosecutors to lawyers was also seen. 

For instance, the Florida prosecutors tried charging Epstein with witness tampering and having private investigators toronto follow the parents and witnesses. Discussion amidst the defendant’s counsel and prosecutors were held which stated the possibility of the defendant asking guilty to counts linking to obstruction and harassment. 

In a filing, Epstein’s team said that the allegation of an investigator took the parent of an accuser off the road and the defense does not possess any knowledge about this. Thus, Epstein cannot be held guilty of this. Also, no witness tampering or obstruction charges were brought against Epstein.

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