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Canada is seen as a land of opportunities by millions of people around the world. The country itself has ranked among top 5 countries to live-in. Many of the metropolitan cities in Canada also constantly feature among the top 20 cities to live around the world. Toronto has constantly been known as one of the best cities to settle down and start a new career. With many great colleges and universities, it is an amazing city for students to migrate and have a better future. With the new changes in the immigration policies, consulting an immigration lawyer in Toronto is a necessary step.

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Students come in thousands every year to study and built a better future. With the existing policies, in order to get your permanent residency, you need to fill an express entry profile where points will be given on different criteria and the kind of work experience and education you have here. Students having one year experience need to make a profile and wait for the invitation if they have enough points in the comprehensive ranking system.

The new policies has changes some of the criteria in assessing these points. The new changes will be in effect from 19th November. The changes will give a significant advantage to students that have done their education here.  Foreign students applying for their permanent residency on the basis of their work experience will not benefit from the new rules.

More emphasis on education in Canada has been given in the new policies. Students that come and enroll themselves in courses up to 2 years will get 15 more bonus points. Students that come here and ply for longer courses such as 3 or 4 year degree programs will get a bonus of 30 points. With each point very crucial in such matters, getting bonus points for education is a big boost for students. You can further discuss the new changes with the best immigration lawyer in Toronto to make your profile for solid!

Another big change in the new policies is that LMIA is no longer applicable. People won’t be getting 600 points for LMIA which would guarantee them of their permanent resident status. Instead it is now divided in 2 ways and makes it easier for students as well. Anyone applying for LMIA will either get 50 or 200 points. Any senior level position will get 200 points while any job below the senior level will get 50 points.toronto immigration lawyer

With all these new rules coming in to affect soon, immigration will be easier especially for foreign international students who choose Canada as a country to build their careers. Yet students do make mistakes while filling the wrong info on the application. They also at times do not send the complete documentation to get their application successfully approved in the first attempt. Consult with an Immigration lawyer in Toronto for all such matters and ensure that you get your permanent residence status. You can call or email any time to book your appointment and get your procedure started right away. Check here for additional info. To know more about CRS, visit here:

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